best zip lines in the Poconos

The Best Zip Lines in the Poconos for an Unforgettable Thrill Ride

Something about the Pocono Mountains brings out the adventurous side in people. Maybe it’s the beautiful surroundings that beckon visitors to go explore or the fresh mountain air that invigorates the spirit. One good way to get a thrill while visiting the area is by trying out the best zip lines in the Poconos. This activity will have you flying through the treetops at high speed, giving you an adrenaline rush and an opportunity to view the Pocono Mountains from a unique vantage point. If you want a little bit of adventure and a fast-paced sightseeing opportunity, then ziplining is the perfect adventure for you! 

Be sure to access our free Vacation Guide for a complete list of all the thrill rides in the area! The guide is also full of local tips about where to eat, attractions to see, and things to do during your stay at The French Manor Inn, Restaurant, and Spa. 

Best Zip Lines in the Poconos: Where to Go for the Ultimate Adventure 

Buckle up! This is going to be the fastest and most exhilarating trip you will ever take through the Pocono Mountains. Are you ready? Go! You descend thousands of feet, zipping from treetop to treetop through our region’s ancient forests. Hear the sounds of the forest beneath you, and take in the views of tens of thousands of beautifully preserved forests! The canopy tours the Poconos offers are unlike any others you’ll ever experience. So, be sure to try ziplining at these locations for an incredible thrill!  

What is Ziplining?  

A zip line, sometimes referred to as a zip wire, is a pulley suspended on a cable which is mounted on an incline. The rider of the zip line propels themselves down the line while wearing attached to the pulley by a special harness. While that is a basic zipline set-up, combining multiple ziplines and adding obstacles is what makes the trip down the line that much more fun!  

Pro-tip: If you’ve never zipped before, no problem! The guides at each location will make your experience as easy as possible, and you will have a blast! 

Stay Close to All the Poconos’ Thrills at The French Manor

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