For the Face

Huckleberry Mountain Signature Spa Facial

This organic facial is designed for the purpose of relaxation and features all local products. Includes a custom masque and does not offer extractions.

30 Min—$95; 50 Min—$125

Firming Peptide Facial

This renewing facial uses potent anti-aging peptides, antioxidants, stem cells and botanicals to stimulate new cell growth and repair, leaving you with a firm glow. Ideal for dull or aging skin and includes extractions.

50 Min—$155; 80 Min—$175

Caviar, Lime & Passion Fruit Facial

This gentle facial uniquely exfoliates skin leaving you with a polished, healthy glow and a boost of antioxidant support. Includes extractions.

30 Min—$95; 50 Min—$130

Chocolate & Champagne Facial

This rejuvenating facial features an oxygen treatment that’ll boost skins circulation and stimulate cell turnover while you enjoy the sweet aroma of chocolate and raw cocoa powder. Includes extractions.

50 Min—$175

Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Facial

This soothing facial targets dull, dehydrated skin. Good for all skin types and includes extractions.

30 Min—$95; 50 Min—$130

Hi-Bio Hemp Radiating Facial

This crisp facial targets dull, lackluster skin and features CBD products. Includes extractions.

50 Min—$130

Gentlemen's Facial

This simple, yet relaxing treatment is designed to address skin care concerns unique to men. Enjoy a deep cleansing, followed by a soothing exfoliation. Includes a custom organic masque and does not offer extractions.

30 Min—$95; 50 Min—$125

Facial Enhancements


This minimally invasive procedure uses abrasion to renew overall skin tone, texture and creates a more youthful appearance.

Enzyme Mask—$30.00

A gentle exfoliation of natural papaya and pineapple enzymes to effectively polish and prep your skin for treatment. Choice between:

Cocoa—this anti-inflammatory enzyme contains natural antioxidants and a sweet aroma designed to nourish, protect, and boost healing for any skin type.

Raspberry—this brightening enzyme contains red raspberry seed extract designed to brighten the skin into a healthy glow. Ideal for aged or damaged skin.

Alpha-Beta Peel—$30.00

A perfect blend of acids designed to exfoliate without harshness, irritation, or inflammation. Suitable for most skin types, but ideal for combination or oily skin.

Lactic Acid Peel—$30.00

Designed to gently exfoliate while removing damage on the outer layer of your skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and ideal for dry or aging skin.

Eye Treatment—$25.00

A custom blend of essential oils, vitamins and extracts designed to soothe and rehydrate tired, puffy eyes while protecting against dark circles and wrinkles.

Hot Stone Enhancement—$20.00

Enjoy the use of heated stones during your facial to help melt away tension and increase circulation and overall well-being.