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The 6 Best Places for Antique Shopping in Milford, PA

What do you love about antique shopping? Whether it’s the thrill of the hunt or the heartwarming sentimentality that comes with finding the perfect piece, the indelible adventure and untold stories make the hours of scouring the shelves all worthwhile. If you’re planning a trip to the Poconos, here are all of the best places to shop for antiques in Milford, PA! While you’re in the area, don’t forget to download our complimentary Destination Guide. Full of the best restaurants, attractions, and seasonal events in the Pocono Mountains, our expertly crafted guide is your ticket to the getaway of your dreams!

Where to Shop For Antiques in Milford, PA

Forest Halls Antiques

This gorgeous stone building on Broad Street should be one of the first stops on your Milford antiquing tour. The only thing more beautiful than Forest Hall Antiques’ storefront are the items that you’ll find lying on their shelves. Sift through their paintings, furniture, glasswork, jewelry, and more on your next visit to Milford!

Old Lumberyard Antiques

As you may have guessed, Old Lumberyard Antiques occupies a space that previously existed as a working lumberyard. Today, instead of lumber, you’ll find some of Milford’s best antique shopping. With collections of everything from Victorian furniture to civil-war paraphernalia, there is something for everyone!

Ann Street Antiques

Vintage clothing, dishware, and jewelry are just a few of the things you’ll find at Ann Street Antiques. They have one of the largest collections in Milford, making them a great place to shop if you don’t know exactly what you’re after and just want to look around. Ann Street Antiques will even host your next estate sale!

Van Gorders’ Furniture

Ever since Ralph Van Gorder put an ad for used furniture in the paper in 1936, Van Gorders’ Furniture has been dealing out beautiful, hand-crafted furniture to locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for the perfect dining room set, a stunning new bedframe, or an accessory for your living room, you’ll find exactly what you need here!

Elizabeth Restucci’s Antiques

Another Broad Street antique store, Elizabeth Restucci’s Antiques has a fantastic collection of glasswork, jewelry, and other trinkets. Their assortment of quality, time-tested goods make for the perfect accent to your home’s decor or a heartfelt gift that anyone will love!

Eberhardt’s Fresh Pickins

Eberhardt’s Fresh Pickins is more than just one of the best Milford Antique Shops, it is also one of the top places in town to buy fresh produce. Whether it’s picked from the ground or it’s picked from their shelves, getting lost in the extensive selection of seasonal produce and quality antiques is an extremely pleasant way to spend an afternoon!

Where to Stay in The Poconos

When it comes to finding luxury accommodations in the Poconos, you won’t have to look farther than The French Manor Inn and Spa. After you’ve finished exploring all of the best antique shops in Pennsylvania, experience the restful decadence of our Inn! The artfully decorated rooms, stunning day spa, and spectacular views of the Pocono Mountains are enough to take anyone’s breath away.

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