View inside the No. 9 Coal Mine

Enjoy a Day of Fun at the No. 9 Coal Mine & Museum

Located in Landsford, PA, the No. 9 Coal Mine & Museum offers an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors of all ages. Here, guests can ride a rail 1,600 feet into the earth and see the inner workings of the No. 9 mine, the world’s oldest continually operated coal mine. The facility also offers museum exhibits, a gift shop, and annual events for guests to enjoy. The next time you stay at the French Manor Inn & Spa, take a step back in time and visit the No. 9 Coal Mine & Museum.

History of the No. 9 Coal Mine

The No. 9 Coal Mine opened in 1855 in Carbon County, PA, and was contracted to produce a whopping 90,000 tons of anthracite coal per year. Anthracite is a variety of coal that is known for its sheen and high carbon content. During that time, anthracite coal was the most popular fuel for heating structures in the northeast United States. The mine was operated until 1972 and was re-opened as a tourist attraction in 2002.

Explore the Mine

Now a preserved area landmark, visitors can take guided tours into the mountain and see the miner’s hospital, the mule-way, and the original 900 foot elevator shaft. Your guide will share fascinating mine stories with you and will explain the history of the entire Carbon County area. The mine is open for guided tours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from May to Labor Day and on Saturday and Sunday from Labor Day through October. Tours start at 11:00 a.m. and run hourly until 3:15 p.m.

Visit the Museum

The Mine Museum is another fascinating place to explore and features tools, blasting equipment, fuel cans, and other items that belonged to the miners of the historic No. 9. You can peruse the exhibits and admire carved pieces of coal, historical photographs, paintings, models, and plenty of other artifacts. Be sure to check out the “Wash Shanty” which showcases tools that the miner’s used to wash their clothes and equipment.

Stop By the Gift Shop

On your way out, head over to the No. 9 Mine & Museum Gift Shop and pick up a souvenir to remember your trip. The store offers a variety of unique items including books, coal memorabilia, t-shirts, and miner’s hats. The museum and gift shop are open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

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Photo Credit: meliusphotography | Thinkstock