bird watching in the Poconos

How to Have the Best Time Bird Watching in the Poconos

Escape the ordinary and treat yourself to a unique adventure in the Pocono Mountains. This stunning region is best known for its scenic landscapes and peaceful surroundings. Here, you can leave behind the crowds, connect with nature, and enjoy bird watching in the Poconos. From exploring the great outdoors to discovering unique local attractions, you’ll find the best things to do in the Poconos using our complimentary Vacation Guide. The guide is full of the best local eateries, places to visit, and things to see. Request unlimited access to the guide and start planning your next getaway! 

The Best Place for Bird Watching in the Poconos 

If you’re searching for birds in the Poconos, Promised Land State Park is one of the best places to look. Located no more than twenty minutes from The French Manor, the well-known state park features a 50-mile scenic trail system, 3,000 acres of forest, and countless avian species. Amongst the many bird species that reside here are bald eagles. Visitors are welcome to view the nest and the magnificent birds from the park’s wildlife observation station.

These are the best times to see these stunning creatures at Promised Land State Park:  

  • Late January to early February – adult eagles return to the nest 
  • Late February to early March – eggs are laid (35-day incubation period) 
  • Around Earth Day (April 22nd) – eggs hatch 
  • Around July 4th – eaglets leave the nest 

What Kinds of Birds Are in The Poconos?  

From owls to warbler to eagles, you’ll find some truly magnificent creatures while birding in northeast Pennsylvania. Each season of the year brings various birds to the area and new sights to be admired. 

Spring (March to May) 

This time of year is ideal for viewing the northern migration of songbirds. Some of the most common birds in the area are common loon, bald eagles, mourning dove, and great-horned owls.  

Summer (June to July) 

The warmest months are best for observing nest-building and bright-colored feathers like hairy woodpeckers, easter kingbird flycatchers, black-capped chickadees, and American redstart warblers.  

Autumn (August to October) 

Once the weather begins to cool in August, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to watch raptors migrate south for the winter months. During these months, be on the lookout for sharp-shinned hawks, red-tailed hawks, and eastern screech owls.  

Winter (November to February) 

The coldest months of the year allow bird watchers the rare opportunity to see winter finches in Northern Pennsylvania. Often, these unique birds only migrate as far south as Northern Pennsylvania. In addition to winter finches, search for Canada goose, common goldeneye, American kestrel, and white-breasted nuthatch.  

For more details on the birds of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, take a look at this bird list.  

Fly Home to The French Manor

Whether you’re visiting from nearby or traveling from anywhere else in the country, you’ll love spending some time exploring the mountains.

Bird watching is the ideal way to take in the wonder of the Poconos and enjoy the splendor of our local wildlife.

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