Ice Fishing

Everything You Need to Know About Ice Fishing in the Poconos

The Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania are the perfect place to visit any time of year. In the summers, you can explore the many hiking trails. Autumn ushers in beautiful fall foliage and flowers blossom everywhere in the spring. But, winter is king in the Poconos. Outdoor sports enthusiasts will love a chance to ski through the mountains or try a new activity like snowmobiling or ice fishing in the Poconos. However you choose to spend your vacation, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time especially when you stay in our cozy and luxurious French Manor Inn and Spa.

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Your Guide to Ice Fishing in the Poconos

Where to Fish

Although there are thousands of nearby lakes and streams, Lake Wallenpaupack is consistently named one of the top places for ice fishing in the Poconos. Covering 5,700 acres, this lake freezes over each winter but still acts as a habitat for the bass, trout, and panfish living below its icey surface. Although this is one of the most popular locations, you’ll find plenty of other areas to finish in nearby state parks. 

How to Prepare

Before heading out for a day of fishing, you’ll need to obtain a fishing permit from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Once you’ve arrived at the place you’d like to fish, you should keep in mind some basic safety tips. Always wear a life jacket while ice fishing as it can be very dangerous if the ice breaks. You should also test the ice thickness before deciding to fish in a specific area. This can be done by drilling or spudding the ice, but be sure to check different spots as ice thickness can vary. 

How to Dress

When ice fishing in the Poconos, it’s imperative that you dress appropriately especially if you plan to spend the day out on the water. Dress in layers with warm undergarments and a few layers of jackets. Your outermost layer should be a thick winter jacket. Be sure to bring gloves and a hat and wear warm socks inside thick boots. 

Warm Up at The French Manor Inn and Spa

After a long day ice fishing in the Poconos, you’ll want somewhere warm and comfortable to come back and unwind. At The French Manor, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. Head to our restaurant for a gourmet dinner prepared by Chef Keegan Marchand then sit back and sip a glass of red wine near your in-room fireplace when you book at stay in either of our Carriage House Suites. To help release any built-up tension from spending the day hunched over while fishing, you can book a next-day spa appointment right at the inn for a deep tissue massage or another relaxing treatment. 

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