5 of the Best Reasons to Enjoy the Thrill of Delaware River Tubing

A favorite summer activity in the Poconos is Delaware River tubing! The clear, scenic Delaware River provides refreshing fun for groups, families, and people of all ages. Take a break from the heat of summer with a memorable afternoon relaxing on the river.

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Delaware River Tubing

People who’ve been to this area know that the Delaware River is ideal for tubing trips! So why does everyone love tubing on the Delaware River so much? Here are some of the best reasons you’ll enjoy the thrill of your tubing adventure.


1. Great Scenery

You’ll enjoy the incredible scenery on your tubing trip. Cliffs, ravines, wildflowers, and lush greenery await you. And if you’re lucky, you might spot some wildlife too. Maybe even some nesting eagles!


2. Cool, Clear Water

There’s nothing worse than tubing down a lukewarm, muddy river. So tube down the Delaware River instead! The cool, clear water provides respite and refreshment on a hot summer day. And the clear nature of the water allows you to see some of the river fish! Or, just your toes (which makes some people feel better!)


3. Consistent Current

No one likes to have to walk or swim their tube down the river. And the consistent current of the Delaware River means that you spend more time floating and no time paddling! No stagnant water here!


4. Great River Tubing Companies

We have several excellent river tubing companies nearby, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. They all offer the equipment you’ll need for a great afternoon, as well as transportation to and from the launch site and end site. Some also provide lunch, tubes in multiple sizes, floating coolers, and other helpful options. So be sure you take a look at: Delaware River Tubing, Bucks County River Country, Kittatinny tubing, and Indian Head Canoes.


5. Making Memories

How many times have you been with a group of friends or family and noticed that everyone is looking down at their phone? Well, that’s not likely to happen on a Delaware River tubing trip! You might have someone bring a waterproof case for selfies, but we doubt the whole group will be scrolling Facebook. That means you get to make some great memories, have some laughs, and truly enjoy the company of the people you love!


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